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The Original Pioneer of Threading into the Mainstream

By Wallyd Hamid

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What is threading? Does it hurt? How long does it last? Will it discolor my skin like waxing? What about a shadow? Sagging?
Jane Doe

These are just some of the questions that Jamila has been asked ever since she brought threading into the mainstream American culture just under 10 years ago.

People would stop Jamila on the street to ask her who tweezed her brows or where she got them waxed. Her response stunned every single one of them — “I thread them myself!” Soon after, she decided to offer it to clients as a less damaging way to remove unwanted facial hair. Threading can even be used on arms and legs!

Starting from a local suburban salon, this exotic method of epilation soon grew to the outskirts of New Jersey and into New York! In effect, she paved the way for its use across the country to cities like Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and San Francisco. People from across state lines would call and make an appointment with “The Great Jamila.” While it is true that Jamila is the pioneer of threading in mainstream American culture, it is actually a form of epilation that emerged from our ancient Persian background.

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