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Synthetic vs. Naturally Derived Compounds

By Wallyd Hamid

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I cannot put this poison on my skin. I do not use anything synthetic.
Gisele Bundchen

Many consumers are concerned whether or not to trust synthetic compounds. Sometimes, synthetic may mean a natural compound synthesized in a lab, or a brand new compound not found in nature, synthesized in a lab. To make things easier, let’s consider synthetics to be the natural compounds derived in a lab.

Although these two are the exact same in shape, size, functionality, etc. there are a few key differences. In nature, the same exact steps are not taken to synthesize the end product as in the lab setting. In addition, there are other compounds being consumed when opting the natural route, whereas the synthetic route has a more potent dosage of the desired molecule.

However, the natural derivative does not contain harmful solvents as would a lab synthesized compound. Although the fraction of harmful solvent that is residual is small, it is still present!

As a result, it would probably be best trying to consume as much natural products as possible.

With skincare, however, natural may not always be best. There are some compounds that are natural but still irritating to the skin. There are some great natural products such as washes, scrubs, etc. but it is usually not as potent as a synthetic cream or product. The hybrid between these two takes the benefits from both and weeds out the negatives! Such products are naturally based synthetic skincare products. Some synthetic ingredients are used while the bulk is natural; this helps to gain maximum efficiency out of one’s regimen.

For example, JAMILA Cosmetics skincare contains 97% naturally derived ingredients – while some ingredients are synthetics based on the natural product, but are able to be used in higher concentration.

In short, as long as the skincare products are used correctly, there should be no problem whether opting for all natural or all synthetic.

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